Eurolife FFH signs the Charter of Diversity

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An important move was made by Eurolife FFH, with its decision to sign the Charter of Diversity and participate in it as a Founding Member. The company is committed to implementing equal opportunities and diversity within itself, ensuring equal treatment of its human resources, regardless of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, genealogy, religion or other beliefs, disability or chronic illness. age, marital or social status, sexual orientation, identity or gender characteristics.

For Eurolife FFH, the promotion and management of diversity is a key criterion for the professional well-being of its people. With respect for their rights, the company perceives its work environment as a place where its executives will develop their skills and become better every day. For Eurolife FFH, it is worthwhile to be next to its people and to attract new talents, without discrimination, always based on their uniqueness and potential.
Under the Charter of Diversity, Eurolife FFH is committed to promoting equality, mutual respect, acceptance and social cohesion, in order to offer a diverse work environment that enhances the professional characteristics of each individual. At the same time, it recognizes as an important priority the training of its employees in matters of diversity management, as well as the implementation of policies and practices for its promotion.

Vasia Hanioti, HR Manager of Eurolife FFH, stated that “for us it is worthwhile to respect the personality of every person who works in our company. Each of us is unique, we recognize everything he has to offer and that is why we signed “The Charter of Diversity. Our goal is to build a work environment on a daily basis that emphasizes talent and equal opportunities, without discrimination.”

The Charter of Diversity, an initiative of the European Commission for the Promotion of Diversity in Business, was established in Greece in 2019. Greece became the 23rd country to sign the Charter. Its goal is to act as a means of commitment to the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in every work environment in Greece. In our country, the Diversity Charter is implemented by the KEAN-Cell of Alternative Youth Search.

On the occasion of its signing by Eurolife FFH, the Stavros Milionis, President of KEAN and Founder of Diversity Charter Greece, stated that “Eurolife FFH actively supports the Diversity Charter for Greek companies, taking the strategic decision to participate as a Founding Member in the Charter. It is especially important for us when companies operating in the Greek market, with large human resources and even larger clientele, pay so much attention to issues related to diversity and essentially equal treatment of all regardless of their different characteristics. In fact, we give special weight to the choice of the company to raise the awareness of its people through trainings aimed at understanding the concepts of diversity and healthy integration as well as the “breaking” of prejudices and stereotypes. We welcome them with enthusiasm “.


Source From: Capital

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