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Europe surpasses 100,000 new corona infections per day, surges in Britain and Russia

The UK, Russia, Spain and France have the highest numbers of infections, with at least 10,000 confirmed cases each in the last three days.

Russia recorded 12,126 new infections on the 9th. Authorities are calling on the public to refrain from going out this weekend, but they say they haven’t been locked down and have no plans to do so. However, according to media reports, the capital Moscow is considering closing bars and nightclubs.

In the UK, the average number of new corona infections per day has doubled in the past week, according to a survey released on the 8th. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of newly infected people in the week until October 1st was 17,200 per day, more than double the number of 8,400 in the previous week. Other studies have pointed out that up to 45,000 people can be infected each day.

Prime Minister Johnson is calling for regional measures to control the second wave of corona infection and wants to avoid a national lockdown, but a member of the government’s emergency scientific advisory committee said, “Returning to the choices we faced in March We should not respond late to the speed of infection, “he urged the government to respond.

The number of infected people in Europe is more than 16% of the world total, and the death toll accounts for about 22%. In Eastern Europe, the number of infected people on the 8th was 33,600. Infections have increased in eight of the ten countries, including Ukraine, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Italian health officials announced on the 9th that the number of infected people in the last 24 hours has reached 5,372. It is the first time since March that the number of people has exceeded 5,000 in one day.

On the 9th, the Spanish government declared a state of emergency in the autonomous community of Madrid, where the new corona infection is spreading again.

In light of the second wave of corona infection, Madrid officials banned unnecessary and unurgent traffic outside the Madrid metropolitan area last week. However, after the state court ruled that the government would not approve the enforcement, the central government declared a state of emergency to implement the movement restrictions.

The movement restrictions will come into effect on the same day, and the government will increase the number of police officers by 7,000 to ensure thorough compliance with the restrictions.

France also recorded a record high of 18,000 infected people on the 8th for the second consecutive day. Hospitals have set up an emergency system, and in large cities, facilities are closed to control infection.

Belgium has also tightened restrictions on rallying following the re-spread of infection. The number of newly infected people has exceeded 2.6 times since the beginning of October.

In Europe as a whole, the average number of newly infected people since the beginning of October is about 78,000, which is much higher than the 47,500 in September.

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