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European Court of Human Rights: Condemnation of Bulgaria for refusing to recognize the marriage of two women

In the European Court of Human Rights two women of Bulgarian nationality who were united by marriage in 2016 in the United Kingdom where they lived for seven years appealed because the Bulgarian authorities refused to register them as “marriages” in the registry acts, as well as for the fact that they did not receive the judicial protection they are entitled to.

The judges of his court Strasbourg acquitted the two women and condemned Bulgaria for violation of rights which guarantee respect for private and family life, as referred to in the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 8), as reported by APE-MBE. However, he did not award compensation to the two women, judging that the decision itself constitutes sufficient satisfaction for the harm they have suffered. However, he forced Bulgaria to pay 3,000 euros as court costs to the applicants.

The European Court of Human Rights is responsible for the observance of the European Convention on Human Rights in its 46 countries Council of Europe.

Source: News Beast

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