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European elections 2024: Europe votes for its MEPs for the next 5 years

Today, Sunday, June 9, culminates the largest electoral process historically held in the European Union, that of the European elections, from which the 720 members of the European Parliament from the 27 member states will be elected for a term of office over the next five years. An electoral process that has started since Thursday, in the Netherlands, since Friday in Ireland and the Czech Republic, since yesterday, Saturday, in Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and Italy and since this morning in the rest of the countries, among them and in GREECE. The polls have opened at dawn, while the last ballot will close in Italy, today, at 24:00 Greek time, according to the official information from the EP services in Brussels. It is estimated that around 360 million European citizens have the right to vote in these European elections, of which two million are young voters, aged 16 and 17, that is, they are called to vote for the first time. Today late at night and until […]
Source: News Beast

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