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European elections: this is how out-of-office voting works

It only applies to students, but it is a first step towards the possibility of not having to travel to vote. At European elections comes the vote out of office. It is the first time in Italy, a possibility introduced by law 38 of 25 March 2024.

A small group of out-of-towners, the students, they will be able to vote, on 8 and 9 June, in the constituency of their domicile, therefore far from their place of residence. However, you must apply by May 5th.

How to apply

The application to vote away from home must be submitted to the municipality of residence by Sunday 5 May using a form downloadable from the website Interior Ministry. The application be submitted personally, through a delegated person, via email or PEC to the email addresses indicated by the Municipality.


They must be indicated the address of residence and domicile and their respective voting constituencies. The student must be regularly enrolled in a school, university or educational institution for a period of at least three months. A copy of the following must be attached to the request: registration certificate, valid identity document and electoral card. You also need to indicate an email address.

The Municipality of residence, once the requirements have been verified, will have to send communication to the municipality of domicile or to the regional capital, which, by 22 May, will have to pass to the Prefecture the number of students registered on the electoral lists who have requested to vote off-site.

Students will receive a communication with a certificate of admission to vote and an indication of the number and address of the section in which to vote. Students can vote in their municipality of domicile only if the municipality of residence belongs to the same electoral district. If it is not the same, they will be able to vote in the special sections established in the regional capital of the municipality of domicile. A Calabrian student studying in Padua will have to go to Venice, while one from Rovigo studying in Parma will not have to travel because the constituency is always North East.

Source: Vanity Fair

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