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European elections: Vannacci, Salis and the other elected representatives

The first party is Fratelli d’Italia e Giorgia Meloni she is first by personal consensus even if she will never go to the European Parliament. It could exceed 2 million preferences given that it was deployed as in all five constituencies. She will make way for the next candidates on the list.

General Vannacci

There are certainly 76 parliamentarians that Italy will send to Strasbourg General Roberto Vannacci. It exceeded half a million votes with a record in the North West constituency. The question the League must ask itself is whether the Vannacci effect occurred or not. If Salvini’s party had existed, it would have had an even worse result on its own. If it hasn’t happened, the problem remains of a clear drop from the over 30% of the previous European elections which not even a candidate who has been talked about a lot has managed to lift.

Matteo Salvini claimed responsibility for the choice to nominate the general: “Those who were doubtful about having him on the team received a response from the people, who are always right for better or for worse.” “If Vannacci gets close to half a million preferences, he means that the stretch of road we will travel together is approved by the voters, both Northern League members and non-Legalist members.”

Ilaria Salis

It goes to the European Parliament Ilaria Salis elected with Verdi-Sinistra. The activist who is under house arrest in Budapest. She obtained 115 thousand preferences in the North West and 42 thousand in the South. Names like that of Salis led Avs to exceed the 4% threshold reaching 6.7%. Also on the list are Mimmo Lucano, Leoluca Orlando, Ignazio Marino.

Cecilia Strada and the Democratic Party

The voters of the Democratic Party rewarded the external candidacy of Cecilia Strada. In the North West constituency the daughter of the founder of Emergency collected 235,000 votes. The second in terms of preferences is the outgoing mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori. Another mayor, that of Bari, does well Antonio Decaro. who obtained 482,900 votes in the Sul constituency. She had double the preferences of Lucia Annunziata and four times those of the outgoing Democratic Party parliamentarian Pina Picierno. Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, obtains 380,000 preferences. The secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, candidate in the Center and in the Islands, reaches 200,000 votes.


Antonio Tajani obtains the majority of votes for Forza Italia. Only 36 thousand those for Letizia Moratti to the North West.

Matteo Renzi

It gets 150 thousand preferences Matteo Renzi, but he doesn’t go to Europe because the United States of Europe list with which he was a candidate remains below the threshold of 4%. The same happened to the other centrist force, Carlo Calenda’s Action. If they had united they would have gotten 7%.

Source: Vanity Fair

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