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European Union: Kosovo-Serbia deal to end dangerous license plate row

THE Kosovariki and the Serbian government reached a last-minute deal on Wednesday (23/11) to end their nearly two-year dispute over car license plates in northern Kosovo, which the West warned could lead to an outbreak of violence, it said after at midnight its head of diplomacy The European Union.

“We have a deal”summarized the Joseph Borel via Twitter, following the conclusion of negotiations in Brussels with the mediation of the European Union.

“We are very pleased to announce that the EU-facilitated chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on measures to avoid further escalation and to fully focus on the proposal to normalize their relations”write down.

Authorities in Kosovo intended to begin today to fine some 10,000 Serbian drivers who continue to use license plates issued by Serbian authorities.

An earlier attempt to strike a deal failed on Monday as Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic were unable to reach a consensus and Pristina delayed the start of imposing the fines for 48 hours at the request of the US.

“Serbia will stop issuing license plates to cars in Kosovo cities and Kosovo will suspend any further actions related to issuing new license plates”according to Mr Borel.

Kosovo authorities attempted this year to force members of the Serb minority to change their old license plates, which were issued before 1999, when the province was still part of Serbia. But the Serbs who live mainly in the north of the country put up resistance, sometimes violently.

About 50,000 Serbs living there refuse to recognize Pristina’s authority and continue to consider themselves citizens of Serbia.

The president of Kosovo Viosa Osmani for its part, it thanked Washington for the agreement.

“Their support (the U.S. government) in the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia is a no-brainer. Kosovo feels grateful”Ms. Osmani said via Twitter.

Source: News Beast

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