Europe’s energy transition at the Delphi Economic Forum

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From left: Dimitrios Dimopoulos, Head of ESG, Piraeus Financial Holdings – Fabian Karger, Investment Director, Susi Partners – Rolf Nagel, Managing Partner at Munich Venture Partners – Antonis Schwarz, Global Investor Founder Good Initiatives Foundation

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The discussion on Europe’s energy transition and its dependence on fossil fuels was coordinated by Mr. Kostis Tselenis, President of the Hellenic Impact Investing Network. The discussion took place in the context of the discussions of the 7th Delphi Economic Forum, which takes place in Delphi on April 6-9 and is under the auspices of SA. of the President of the Republic, Mrs. Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

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THE Antonis Schwarz, Global Investor Founder Good Initiatives Foundation, said that there are many urgent issues in the energy sector that need to be resolved. He stressed, however, that it is important for the successful creation of large energy infrastructure projects (such as the largest solar park in the world to be created in the Sahara Desert) to have good cooperation with local authorities and local investors. “The involvement of the local community is important, as it is important to be followed by ESG technology.”

THE Rolf Nagel, Managing Partner at Munich Venture Partners, said that the energy needs are many but that the involvement of every unit, every household, is necessary. “If every small household participates, then a local co-operation hub will be created, which in turn will create other larger and therefore more competitive projects. The plan is to create more autonomous energy communities locally, through ESG,” he added. .

THE Fabian Karger, Investment Director Susi Partners, stressed in his position that “the cheapest and cleanest energy is the one that can not be consumed”, while noting that in his company significant investments are made in the field of energy storage. “In recent years we have invested about half a million in energy efficiency projects in more than 15 countries – and this is just the beginning,” he said. Speaking about the great importance of energy storage, he stressed that what is missing is the right infrastructure and appropriate legislation for the implementation of such projects. Finally, he said that it is important for companies to find the appropriate mechanism / way of implementing such projects, so that no energy is lost.

THE Dimitrios Dimopoulos, head of ESG, Piraeus Investment Holdings, he also said that “the cleanest energy is that which is not produced”, and that his company’s goal is the best energy savings. “75% of the energy transition depends on the part of the savings, whether we are talking about renovation of buildings, or replacement of appliances, etc.,” he explained.

Greece, he noted, has many and ambitious plans: the National Energy Strategy and the new Climate Law that aspires to make the country have a zero carbon footprint by the year 2030.

In achieving these goals, collaboration between investors, consumers and companies is important. “Funding will be provided both through the EU Green Deal and through the banking sector. 20 trillion is needed to achieve the zero carbon target, and money from national governments and the EU is not enough. we also need the involvement of the private sector, the banks “.

In his company he stated that they focus mainly on 2 important components of the management of the energy strategy: the saving / storage and the alternative forms of energy. Finally, he stressed that it is important to develop the part of inclusion, that is, the social aspect, so that “no one is left out of the energy transition.”

Source: Capital

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