Eurostat: Inflation in Greece at 4.3% in November

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By Tasos Dasopoulos

Eurostat sees inflation soaring to 4.3% in November for Greece, up from 2.8% in October, with the country following the eurozone inflation trend where the harmonized CPI for the month ending is expected to climb to 4.9 % from 4.1% in October.

Despite the large increase from month to month, Greece is still far from the top three countries with high inflation in the Eurozone, where first appears Lithuania with inflation forecast at 9.3%, second Estonia with 8.4% and third Latvia with 7.4%. In the next places are Belgium with 7.1%, Luxembourg with 6.3%, Germany with 6%, the Netherlands and Spain with 5.6%.

Greece is in 13th place based on the forecast for inflation in November at 4.3%, having “won” several positions in the last four months, starting from the lowest index within the Eurozone (-2.1%) in November 2020. The harmonized index of consumer prices for Greece acquired a positive sign last June and since then keeps pace with the general trend of increases across Europe.

For November, according to the Eurostat forecast, immediately below Greece are Austria with inflation in November at 4.1%, Italy with 4%, France and Finland with 3.4%, Portugal with 2 , 7%, while the country with the lowest inflation forecast within the Eurozone is Malta with 2.3%.
“Obviously, according to Eurostat data, the highest increase on an annual basis is recorded in fuels with an increase of more than 27%, with the second largest increase in service prices by 2.4%, industrial products by 2.4 % and food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco with an annual increase of 2.3% and 1.9% in the raw food of primary production.

On a monthly basis, ie in the comparison of November prices compared to October, Eurostat records increases of 2.5% in energy products.


Source From: Capital

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