Eva Robin’s: “If emotions are erased”

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Eva Robin’s in a dystopian future she plays the role of a tyrannical queen. Dances in Babylon are prohibited, as is giving free rein to emotions. The actress is the protagonist of The disco, the film by Jacopo Milani (among the performers there is also Pietro Turano), previewed at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler, at the MiX International Festival of LGBTQ + Cinema and Queer Culture from Milan. «It’s a beautiful journey halfway between film and fiction», he says, «and I play this keeper of an orchestra who conducts only emotionless dances. A world like this is scary, of course, but reality scares me much more ».

What happens when emotions are limited?
“We’ve seen it very well over the past year and a half. Mistrust of the other increases, true emotionality is lost, everything passes through the computer or mobile phone. I who am a very carnal, I folded back stroking the dogs. The absence of contact weighs heavily on me ».

Do you get used to it?

«In private I have not suffered limitations. Among strangers, I remember the caress of a doctor during a visit. Looking at my documents, she exclaimed “Here is a mistake, they are those of a 62-year-old man”, and I there to tell her “Doctor, it’s me. I’m transgender ”. There she let herself go, she lowered all the barriers ».

What did dance represent in your life?

“All. It was my way of communicating during adolescence, of expressing the plasticity of the body. I started as a Go go girl at the Paradiso in Rimini, and then it has always been part of my job. I have always liked to dance ».

What amuses you today?

«Painting, I exhibit in the period of Arte Fiera in Bologna. During the lockdown I attached a brush to an umbrella and painted the entire ceiling of the house; then I do theater, I act ».

And the TV?

“You go on TV to show that you are still alive”

What are the battles worth waging on?
«Against the violence of women, first of all. And then the fight against discrimination, between the various forms of gender, and the fight against fires, against those who destroy nature ».

What do you think of the Zan Ddl?

“I would put my signature even today, we must fight those who use violence and discrimination against minorities”.

Speaking of gender discrimination and rights, what has changed since the 1990s?

“Maybe in the past we were better, more casual, more euphoric, less fearful. There is a lot of media communication today. Once we lived longer, the reality was much truer, today we are conditioned by too much communication ».

Do you always live in Bologna?

«Yes, Bologna is the discovery of the cradle, where I feel safest. Milan is where I started my career, Rome where I shot many projects. But Bologna is care. My home is like Disneyland, my fairytale, full of memories, installations and objects taken away from the sets. Today I also cook, but always one guest at a time ».

The 2021 Mix Festival closes on Sunday 19 September with a ceremony conducted by Ema Stokholma which will see Francesca Michielin on the Strehler stage receive the title of Queen of Music.

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