Home Entertainment Evan Peaters Reveals His Biggest Acting Challenge Was Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peaters Reveals His Biggest Acting Challenge Was Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peaters Reveals His Biggest Acting Challenge Was Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

The most recent premiere of the miniseries of true crime that talks about the life of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix has been a success and has caused a sensation among subscribers and the general public. Well, just nine days after its premiere, it has not stopped giving something to talk about and continues to be ranked first in the top 10 of the most watched series.

In addition to the great way in which the production tried to tell the story of the famous “Milwaukee butcher, something that has also stood out, is the great performance with which actor Evan Peters gives life to Jeffrey Dahmer, a performance that he himself recently defined as the biggest challenge throughout his career.

During an interview to promote the miniseries distributed by Netflix, the 35-year-old American actor shared his experience and told a little about how difficult and challenging it was to get his good performance as a murderer who was well known worldwide.

Behind the well-liked iconic performance, Peters said he had to prepare for the role well in advance and that in order for the story to be told as authentically as possible, he had to read countless biographies and the police report of the confession, as well as seeing the interview that Stone Phillips conducted with the real Dahmer.

Emmy Award-winning actor Evan Peters talks about what it took to inhabit the mind of Jeffrey Dahmer, the cost it took and how he hopes it was worth it; not just by telling Dahmer’s story, but the stories of his victims and a city that failed them. 9/21 on @Netflix.

The protagonist claims to have had to do introspection to the darkest places inside him to recreate the disturbing personality of the murderer, a quite complex process that until now he defines as the most difficult challenge he has faced throughout his years as actor.

He also confessed that he was afraid of immersing himself in his world and even having to think like Dahmer, but that they tried to tell his life with the greatest possible respect for both the victims and their families, while sticking to the facts as they happened in history. .

Honestly, I was so freaked out by all the stuff that he did and diving into that, and trying to commit to that was absolutely going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because I wanted it to be that way. be very authentic.

– Evan Peters.

The 35-year-old actor attributes the success not only to the work of the incredible cast of actors, but also to the production team who have been in charge of making sure everything turned out for the best. Although he made it clear that he put everything on his side and worked so hard for his performance to be the best possible in this miniseries.

It was a challenge trying to make this person who was apparently so normal but underneath it all had this whole world that he was hiding from everyone.

– Evan Peters.

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