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Evangelical influencer accused of sexual abuse is released and celebrates online

The Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJSP) granted, this Thursday (16), the release of religious influencer Victor de Paula Gonçalves, better known as Victor Bonato.

The 27-year-old evangelical was arrested for approximately 60 days after accusations of sexual abuse against three women.

According to the TJSP, to maintain provisional freedom, Victor is prohibited from approaching the victims within 200 meters or from maintaining contact with them and their families by any means.

The influencer is also prevented from leaving the country and must stay at home at night and on days off. On social media, Victor shared a photo stating that “justice has been done”.

Victor Bonato's publication celebrating his release

The case

On September 20, Victor Bonato was arrested in the municipality of Cesário Lange, in the interior of São Paulo, while participating in an event. After his arrest, he was taken to the Women’s Defense Police Station (DDM) in Barueri (SP), where the case is still being investigated under secrecy.

The Civil Police of Paulo did not release further details about the progress of the investigations. The agency only confirmed that they were accusations of sexual crimes.

On September 19, the day before his arrest, the influencer spoke out on his social media alleging that he had fallen into “immorality and iniquity”.

“I went against everything I preach. I made a mistake like a man and I’m here confessing and asking for forgiveness like a man. I want to ask for forgiveness from the girls with whom I failed, who I defrauded, who I hurt, with whom I didn’t act like a man. I want to ask everyone’s family for forgiveness for the mistakes I made. I hope you can forgive me,” said Victor.

Victor’s defense, at the time, stated that their client vehemently denied the allegations against him.

Influencer in the evangelical environment

Victor Bonato has more than 143 thousand followers on Instagram alone. Producer of evangelical content, he publishes preachings and testimonies from believers.

Bonato is also one of the founders of the evangelical group ‘Movimento Galpão’, a community for young upper-class Christians in the Alphaville region, in Greater São Paulo.

The group expressed itself on social media through a note, in which it informs that Victor is no longer part of the movement.

(Under the supervision of Vinícius Bernardes)

Source: CNN Brasil

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