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Even after the end of Cedae maintenance, neighborhoods in Rio remain without water

Taps in homes and commercial establishments in several neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and Baixada Fluminense remained without water this Thursday morning (7), even after the end of maintenance scheduled by Cedae.

According to the company, responsible for water supply in Rio, the preventive work was completed on Tuesday night (6). The service is carried out annually before the summer to ensure that the Guandu System operates without interruptions during the period of greatest consumption.

Even so, according to residents, the supply continues to be affected. The three companies responsible for water distribution took advantage of the maintenance at Cedae, which was scheduled to end seven hours later, to also carry out repairs.

According to Cedae, the deadline for normalizing supply in the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, São João de Meriti, Nova Iguaçu, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Belford Roxo and Queimados must be informed by the companies Águas do Rio, Iguá and Rio+Sanitation, responsible for water supply, according to their respective areas of activity.

What do distributors say?

Iguá, responsible for serving residents of 18 neighborhoods in the west of Rio, reported that, since Wednesday night, it has gradually resumed the supply system. However, it faced unforeseen events during one of the flow meter installation works in Praça Seca, in the west zone, which resulted in delays in completing the services. The work is expected to be completed by late Thursday afternoon.

According to Águas do Rio, all scheduled services were completed. However, supply remains suspended in part of the northern part of the capital of Rio de Janeiro due to maintenance by Iguá Saneamento.

In other neighborhoods and municipalities in the area of ​​operation, supply is in a phase of gradual recovery. The forecast is that supply will be normalized within 72 hours.

Rio+Saneamento, which distributes water to 1.8 million inhabitants in the west zone of the capital, reported that the system has been operating normally since Wednesday morning. However, distribution regularization may take up to 24 hours in higher areas and at network ends.

Source: CNN Brasil

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