Even with a rise in cases, Brazil records a drop in the fatality rate by Covid-19

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Despite the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, the disease killed 10 times less during the first days of this year. The information is from the analysis of the CNN based on data on new cases and new deaths from the disease between December 2021 and January 2022, released by the Ministry of Health.

Between January 1 and 18, Brazil recorded 924,373 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 2,461 deaths from the disease. In this period, the lethality rate from the recorded disease was 0.26%.

The rate is ten times lower than that recorded in the same period in December last year, although the number of cases has increased by 684%. Between December 1 and 18, 2021, the country recorded 117,884 new cases and 3,073 new deaths from the disease. Thus, the recorded lethality rate was 2.61%.

The drop in the number of deaths in relation to the number of cases is directly related to the advance of immunization against Covid-19.

According to the vaccinometer CNN Agency, Brazil has already vaccinated 76.25% of the general population with at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. In relation to the population over 12 years old, the proportion is 91.31% with a dose of some immunizing agent.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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