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Every half hour a child is sexually abused in Germany

In Germany, a child is sexually abused every half hour, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Fesser announced, stressing the dramatic increase in the number of similar incidents. According to the minister, in 2023 16,375 incidents of sexual abuse against children were recorded, a number which translates into 54 incidents per day, when in 2022 there were 48 and in 2020 43 such incidents. In the last five years, the number of recorded cases of child sexual abuse has increased by a record 20%. These, as clarified by the Federal Service of the Police Against Crime (BKA), are only the official numbers, as the incidents that are not reported are estimated to be too many. Many such attacks are kept secret either out of shame or under pressure from family, Ms Feser said. “These are horrific acts that shock and astonish us. Most of the victims knew the perpetrator, who was a family member or a friend or an acquaintance,” noted the minister. According […]
Source: News Beast

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