Everyone’s crazy about baby Archie (after mom and dad podcast debut)

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Prince Harry e Meghan Markle, in the first installment of their podcast, a “holiday special” which is part of the agreement from 40 million dollars with Spotify, they had an unexpected guest: their son Archie, eighteen months old. Towards the end of the episode Harry is heard saying to the little one, presumably showing him the microphone: “You can talk here.” And mom Meghan: “Archie, is it fun?” (“Archie, is this funny?”). «Fun»Repeats the royal baby who then, encouraged by his parents, and among their laughter, wishes: «Happy New Year!». That was enough to turn the little one into a star. The media around the world talk more about him than about his parents.

All British commentators, in particular, have noted how the eighteen-month-old baby already has a strong American accent. Similar to mom Meghan’s and very different from that very british (and royal) by dad Harry. Wondering: will the queen like it Elizabeth II? But the little boy has been living between Canada and California since last December. Queen’s English and the British royal family are far apart.

Ma how is the new american life of the royal baby? The last time we saw him was last May, on the occasion of his first birthday celebrated in Los Angeles: in the arms of mother Meghan in a video (made by dad Harry) in support of Save The Children.

The Sussexes, very jealous of their son’s privacy, don’t let anyone know about him. But something has leaked. The little one, who since arriving in America has never been in a public place, according to People «in California he is a happy child, for sure he is happy with thea new accommodation». But he doesn’t even have a friend, because mom Meghan is too famous. He revealed it to Daily Mail, a few months ago, a close friend of the former actress: «Meghan is worried. He realizes that his son, in order to develop his social and emotional skills, she should interact with children her age. But she is too famous to associate with other mothers with their offspring».

I Sussex to solve the problem they wanted to give him a little brother, ma the drama of a miscarriage last July it broke their hearts and their dreams. For now, Archie’s playmates, in the 14 million dollar villa in Montecito, remain the family dogs: the labrador Bogard and the beagle Guy.

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