Everything you need to know about the device recycler

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Starting today, through the special digital platform, the expression of interest for the famous home appliance recycling program that will help households to withdraw old energy-intensive appliances with new more efficient ones starts.

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The subsidy starts from 30% and reaches up to 50% of the cost of the devices. The final amount per device ranges from 135 euros to 710 euros, depending on the type of device that is recycled.

With the program, thousands of households will be able to significantly reduce their energy consumption by up to 40% and therefore the electricity bill, up to 300 euros per year.

What it covers

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The total amount of the program reaches 150 million euros and covers part of the costs from the replacement and recycling of energy-intensive appliances in households.

The program covers the replacement of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, which are the most energy-intensive appliances in households.

The subsidy concerns the replacement and recycling:

old air conditioners – which is old technology and with old coolant (up to 2) with new energy class from A ++ and better (ie A +++) and

old refrigerators-with old energy classification- (up to 1) with new energy class from E and better (ie D, C, B, A) or old freezers (up to 1) with new energy class from F and better (ie E, D , C, B, A).

In total, the replacement of up to 3 devices is covered.

Evaluation criterias

The four evaluation criteria are:

Income (36 points)

Disabled (20 points)

Single parent families (20 points)

Protected members 6 points with a maximum of 4 members (total 24 points).

The 4 scales of the subsidy are

50% for income from 0 to 5000 euros

45% for income from 5001 – 10,000 euros

35% for income 10,001 – 20,000 euros

20,001 euros and over 30%

The estimated average grant of the program is expected to reach 45%.

It is estimated that 2/3 of the recycled appliances will be air conditioners (100 million euros) and 1/3 will be refrigerators (50 million euros). In total, it is estimated that the replacement of 280,000 energy-intensive air conditioners and 110,000 energy-efficient refrigerators will be subsidized.

The households that can join the program exceed 200,000 and the energy consuming devices that will be replaced 380,000.

Participation right

Eligible to participate are all consumers who have an old electrical appliance installed in their home and not in a professional space, namely air conditioner, refrigerator or freezer, which they want to replace and recycle with another newer technology and more energy efficient.

The platform (Alazosyskevi.gov.gr) for the start of submission of applications opens today, Tuesday 21 June 2022.

It will be opened gradually by VAT

That is, today 21/6 VAT numbers ending in 1 & 2

22/6 VAT number ending in 1234

23/6 VAT number ending at 123456

24/6 VAT number ending at 12345678

25/6 VAT number ending at 1234567890

No supporting documents are required to apply for funding and can be completed within minutes.

All data are automatically drawn and cross-referenced by other entities. (AADE & HEDNO)

Only the taxisnet codes and the electricity supply number of the house that will be declared in the application are required.

Each citizen can submit only one application for each residence.

For example, a family of four with two spouses and two children: the two spouses can each submit up to two separate applications for a separate residence (primary and secondary). Children can not apply.

Digital coupon

The beneficiaries that will emerge based on the ranking order will not receive in their hands a sum of money but a digital coupon.

Each coupon corresponds to one device, so the maximum number of coupons a beneficiary can receive is three (3).

The following information is on the coupon:

A unique code (Voucher ID).

The name and TIN of the beneficiary of the coupon, as well as the confirmed mobile phone to which the messages and the disposable codes are sent.

The device category to which the specific check relates. (air conditioner, refrigerator)

The aid rate and its maximum nominal value.

The benefit number and home address stated in the respective application.

It is estimated that the issuance of coupons will take place in about 3-4 weeks after the closure of the platform.

The coupon can be used until 16/9/2022.

Energy saving

The program is expected to help significantly in energy savings. Specifically, the 280,000 air conditioners save 170,182MWh and the 100.00 refrigerators save 44,599MWh, ie a total of 214,781 MWh is expected to be saved.

The energy savings that will be achieved through the program due to the reduced consumption of the new devices that will be installed reaches an annual basis of 15 to 27 million euros from the reduction of imports in natural gas and oil. This means that the program will be repaid in 5.4 to 9.4 years.

Source: Capital

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