EVIKEN against gas distribution managers

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At the same time that the industry is facing an unprecedented surge in energy costs, it is under open attack by the managements of the management companies of the distribution networks. reports an announcement issued today by the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers.

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According to the announcement, the controversy started in August 2015, with the imposition by law of a horizontal charge of a temporary distribution fee of 4 euros / MWH to all eligible customers, despite the fact that this legislation clearly violated European Directive 2009/73 but also the national energy law 4001/2011.

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In June 2016, EVIKEN made an official complaint to the European Commission, on the other hand, addressed RAE, asking it within its responsibilities and in view of the determination of the final distribution fee with effect from 1/12/2016, to decide on compensatory measures, if it finds a significant discrepancy between the temporary charge and the final charge.

As reported by EVIKEN as early as August 2020, RAE has decided to take compensatory measures in favor of the industries that were over-indebted with the illegal imposition of the temporary fee of 4 euros / MWh and finally the operators of the distribution networks to return with interest-free installments. within 5 years the corresponding amounts.

Concluding, EVIKEN points out that although the decision of RAE approving the repayable amounts is immediately enforceable from 1.11.2021, the operators of the distribution networks refuse to comply with the operative part of the decision of RAE, a development that according to the Union exceeds the limits. good faith management towards their customers.

Source: Capital

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