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Evo Morales tells CNN that attempted coup in Bolivia was a “well-staged show”

Evo Morales, former president of Bolivia and leader of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party, said the military uprising in Bolivia on June 26 was a “well-staged show between President Lucho Arce and then-commander Juan Zúñiga.”

In an interview with Carmen Aristegui, from CNN the former president said that the event was a “blow to the economy” because it increased speculation and the parallel dollar soared.

“Coup, self-coup? Yes, it is a well-mentioned fact, I imagine, between the president and the commander, because the commander was his friend, his very trusted companion,” Morales told Carmen Aristegui.

Former President Morales has previously accused President Luis Arce of staging a self-coup without providing evidence. President Luis Arce’s government has called the episode an attempted coup d’état.

The revolt – which lasted a few hours, generated uncertainty among the population and was condemned by the international community – took place under the leadership of General Juan José Zúñiga, who has already been removed from his post as head of the Army, arrested and accused of the crimes of terrorism and armed revolt.

President Arce has rejected Zúñiga’s claims that what happened could have been a self-coup. Zúñiga has even claimed that it was Arce who ordered him to act and that he did so to boost his popularity levels, something the president denies.

“We wouldn’t do any shows to increase popularity, we know the acceptance we have among the population and the challenges we face, which we are gradually overcoming,” said Arce.

“The international media is highlighting that the failed coup only made Bolivia seem more unstable for investment. This was really a blow to the economy,” Morales said in the interview, and called for a transparent investigation to clarify what happened on June 26.

Evo Morales said there are “suspicious” things in the attempted coup d’état.

The accusation of Evo Morales

“Lucho disrespected the truth, he deceived us, he lied. Not only to the Bolivian people, but to the entire world,” Evo Morales said in an online interview with Radio Kawsachun Coca on June 30.

Morales indicated he had received information from a military source that Wednesday’s operation was planned and said those details were “convincing him that this is a self-coup.”

These statements contrast with what was said days before on social media.

Morales then posted again on social media and said it was “regrettable that such a sensitive topic as reporting a coup is used.”

“Given this reality, I must apologize to the international community for the alarm generated and thank them for their solidarity with our country. It is important that a thorough and independent investigation demonstrates the veracity of this fact,” Morales added.

Arce previously told a news conference that as the coup attempt was unfolding, he called Morales directly to warn him about what was happening.

The differences between Luis Arce and Evo Morales

Morales and Arce have publicly accepted that they have differences, especially after the former president expressed his intention to run in the next presidential elections and that they worsened after the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) annulled the MAS congress held in October 2023 and it was with the presence of the party’s currents that support Morales, who ratified him as leader and elected him the only presidential candidate for 2025.

The TSE’s decision invalidated Morales’ candidacy.

* With information from Marlon Sorto, Cristopher Ulloa, Abel Alvarado and Mauricio Torres

Source: CNN Brasil

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