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Ex-boyfriend confesses to killing doctor in SP and says he acted out of jealousy

Ex-boyfriend confesses to killing doctor in SP and says he acted out of jealousy

Even before being formally questioned, Davi Izaque Martins Silva, 26, confessed to the São Paulo Civil Police that he had killed doctor Thallita da Cruz Fernandes, 29, out of jealousy.

The information was confirmed to CNN by the delegate responsible for the case, Alceu Lima de Oliveira Junior. The suspect claimed to the police that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crime.

According to investigations, the murder would have happened because the doctor tried to end the relationship, financially comfortable for the boy. The delegate said that Davi even used Thallita’s apartment to throw parties when she was away.

A CNN had access to security camera footage showing the suspect leaving the victim’s building, in São José do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, hours before the body was found by the police.

In the video, you can see Davi, who was wearing a red shirt and a black cap, inside the elevator. Soon after, he walks down the hall of the building and goes towards the entrance. The boy gets into a transport app car and leaves.

An app driver who made a run for the suspect reported to the police station and collaborated with the investigation. The witness said that the passenger sat in the back seat and continued talking normally about amenities.

Police joined the case after the family tried to reach the doctor but failed to make contact. The police went to Thallita da Cruz Fernandes’ apartment and found her dead in the service area. The victim’s body was inside a suitcase.

According to the Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo, the woman had stab wounds on her body. The military police officers who responded to the incident have already been heard.

The day after the crime was discovered, Davi was arrested at his mother’s house. PMs said he was in the room, apparently calm and did not react to arrest. According to the delegate, the boy said he used ecstasy before being arrested.

Davi Izaque Martins Silva underwent a custody hearing and will be temporarily detained for at least 30 days.

Source: CNN Brasil