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Ex-partner of Johnny Depp reveals that the actor sedated her to have intimacy

The actor Johnny Depp continues to be a trend this week because the statements that the actress Ellen Barkin made in the trial when she testified in favor of Amber Heard were taken up again. While part of her statement was shown in Virginia court at the time, more details of her testimony have now been released, where she points to Depp as an abuser.

According to his account, Barkin and Depp met in 1990 and were close for 10 years. In fact, they got to star in the movie Panic and Madness in Las Vegastime in which they had a solely intimate relationship.

Barkin and Depp

This relationship was surrounded by some situations that alerted the actress, since she assures that most of the time, Depp was drunk and was a jealous and controlling man. Barkin recounted that he once got very angry because she had a scratch on her back and insisted it was because she “had had sex with someone other than him.”

However, this closeness was interrupted until on one occasion, the actor, drunk and in a fit of rage, threw a bottle of wine in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

ellen barkin

In the rest of her statement, when asked if the actor could be “incredibly charming”, the actress replied that most abusers are. Later, she detailed the mistreatment that Depp had with her environment, stating that “he is a loudmouth, verbally abusive.”

In addition to this, he talked about how their relationship began and the first sexual encounter they had, which could not have a good impression, since the actress affirms that Depp gave her a sedative and asked her if she wanted to have sex with him.

ellen and johnny

Although learning more about Ellen Barkin’s statement does not change the judge’s verdict, we can see the experience she had with him from another perspective and how damaging it could have been at a certain point in her life.

This as a consequence of the lifestyle he led at that time due to the consumption of alcohol and other substances, since we remember that the actor’s former agent, Tracey Jacobs, declared that Johnny Depp had unprofessional behavior and one of his reasons for determining it this was the use of drugs and alcohol, in addition to being late to the set where he was working.

Source: Okchicas

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