Excited woman who lost her brother to thrombosis after AstreZeneca vaccine

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Neil Astles, 59, a lawyer from Cheshire, England, did just that AstraZeneca vaccine on March 17th. His sister, Dr Alison Astles, spoke to the BBC and sent her own message about the vaccinations following the death of her own man.

As she explained, her brother started having headaches and feeling nauseous “about a week later”. About 8 days later, he began to lose his sight and was taken to hospital last Friday.

Doctors found a “huge blood clot” in his brain and the unfortunate man died on Sunday night.

“The man, the sister inside me, still feels completely outraged and very angry that this has happened to my brother,” he said, adding: “Although this happened to Neil and the impact on our family, I strongly believe that people they have to get the vaccine. “

Dr Astles, a pharmacist by profession, says the family was told the clot was 99.9% due to the vaccine. “On the whole, more lives will be saved by giving the vaccine to humans than by not giving it. The risk of thrombosis is very, very small and my brother was extremely unlucky“, He emphasizes.

In early April, the British Medicines Agency (MHRA) announced that Seven people vaccinated with AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine in Britain die from blood clots, in a total of 30 such cases that have been recorded so far.

The regulator said it had been notified of 22 cases of cerebral venous thrombosis and eight other cases of platelet deficiency thrombosis on March 24, with a total of 18.1 million doses of the vaccine.

It is noted that in the EU there is an alalum regarding the age limits for its granting. Belgium will only give the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 55, Italy and Germany to those over 60 and France to those 55 and older. In Australia, the Prime Minister said that those under 50 should be better given the Pfizer vaccine.

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