Exclusive: 83% of public school teachers want to continue teaching, says survey

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If, for students, a classroom serves as a gateway to the world, it is exactly in this type of environment that most public school educators want to be. A survey by the iungo Institute in partnership with the Nucleus of New Pedagogical Architectures at USP (NAP/USP) obtained exclusively by CNN reveals that education occupies a central place in the life projects of 8 out of 10 public school teachers in Brazil.

The survey results show that 83% of teachers intend to continue working in the classroom, and that their plans are summarized in three main themes: the search for excellence and quality in education (present in 88% of the responses); adoption of professional and personal ethics (56%); and commitment to education and profession (100%).

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Still, 50% want to positively impact the lives of students and the community, while 30% want to take care of and be responsible for their families, considering the ethical dimension that this entails.

The survey was carried out in 2021, with 2,000 teachers, still with a scenario of suspension of face-to-face classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Valéria Arantes, research coordinator and director of NAP/USP, assesses that, considering that the data were collected in this challenging scenario, with anxiety, stress and other problems, a relevant point raised is the desire to seek alternatives.

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Cláudia Sosinho, a teacher at two public schools in Rio de Janeiro, points out that training, both academic and human, and qualification are fundamental. She updates on conversations with her colleagues, students, and courses.

However, this update is one of the challenges in an environment with faster and faster information exchange. In addition to the courses, it is necessary to understand, dialogue and listen to the students.

Specialists also defend that the exchange of ideas between professors is one of the main methods adopted in courses of improvement and formation of professors.

“We want the education secretariats to know and take ownership of this information so that they can consider it when structuring training programs and their training structure with network teachers”, says Paulo Andrade, director of Instituto Iungo.

Arantes believes that, above all, the education professional needs to understand his life project and exercise self-knowledge, humanizing training.

Rafael Canudense, a teacher at a school in Jardim Guarujá, in the south of São Paulo, is one of the teachers who values ​​a teaching method that takes into account the reality of each individual.

“Education is the wing of knowledge that will make you fly to places you never imagined”, says Canudense.

Source: CNN Brasil

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