Exercise and proper nutrition, the smart worker health program

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The lack of attention to the psychophysical well-being of the components of a company often results in a cost increase and in a decline in productivity. And that’s why it was born Fitprime Corporate, which aims precisely at the well-being of employees and accompanies companies on a path of wellbeing which touches four different areas: physical activity, nutrition, salute e sharing.

Although a survey carried out by Randstad on 800 employees from Italy and other countries around the world, reveals that the 78% of workers would like to return to the office – even part-time – as nostalgic for the company of colleagues, tired of being isolated at home and willing to find the right balance between private life and work, on the other hand a study carried out by Fondirigenti highlights that 54% of companies is certain to continue to work in smart working even after the period of the health emergency.

“Companies that want to continue to propose smart working as a form of work, will have to deal with this evidence, resorting to new forms of corporate welfare to be able to maintain both the health and well-being of employees” he explains Matteo Musa, Ceo and Co-founder of Fitprime, and continues “This is why with Fitprime Corporate we have decided to propose different ways of involving employees, which include physical activity in the gym on the one hand, and online fitness mode on the other. for those who still prefer to train at home ».

Fitprime Corporate therefore proposes itself as a solution to allow companies to show closeness and attention to employees, offering them a unique and complete package dedicated to their physical and mental health. In fact, in addition to offering a subscription to over 2000 Italian gyms, the platform makes available thousands of video to be able to train directly at home, a nutritionist able to provide a personalized meal plan every month and a service of psychological support.

«In the last year the companies that have joined the program have grown by 60%, thus making the service available for a total of 100,000 employees. Results that highlight how attention to psychophysical well-being of employees is a theme that is increasingly felt in the company “he declares Matteo Musa: to date, in fact, dozens of companies have chosen the program.

On the topic is Fausto Fusco, Chief HR Officer of BIP, to comment: “Fitprime Corporate firstly gave us the opportunity to offer dynamic support that responded well to the flexibility needs of our employees, also allowing us to support their well-being at 360 degrees, thanks to Fitprime TV and the possibility of creating webinars and ad hoc services dedicated to the various aspects of health ». In addition, too Alberto Apollo, Head of Compensation and Benefits of the Hera Group explains their experience: “For us too, in fact, after having implemented all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of each individual colleague (also through a COVID policy), corporate welfare, through the activation of a series of services dedicated to individual well-being, not only physical but also psychological, financial and family, has represented a fundamental lever to show the closeness of the company to the people in a particular historical moment “.

All that remains is to try this solution: Fitprime also offers the possibility to test the platform for free for 14 days. However, if you sit in front of the computer for too many hours every day, you will find in the gallery of this article 10 asanas for smart workers suggested by Selene Grasso, yoga teacher and founder of the MezzalunaYoga blog.

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