EXO’s DO shares how he feels about his first mini album #Ana Sofía #Alba

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Attention K-popers! DO, member of EXO, has just premiered Empathy, his first solo mini album consisting of eight tracks: six brand new songs and two bonus tracks, the English version of Rose and the Spanish version of It’s Love (If you were mine).

This album marks a before and after in the singer’s career by proving his vocal talent, creativity and personality. Most of the songs have a melancholic rhythm that, according to DO, is based on his taste for the sound of acoustic guitar. This gives a romantic air to each of his singles that the whole internet is falling in love with.

In a recent interview, the idol shared how he felt about his first album and why he decided to give it a romantic twist.

It feels really new. I used to sing with my peers, but I had to sing alone, so there were some difficulties. However, it was nice to have a fun and unique experience. I’m curious what people will think of my album.

Since it’s my first solo album, I think I focused on making the music that I wanted to do. Personally, I really like the sound of acoustic guitar and I felt comfortable listening to it, so I decided to go in that direction.

In addition, he explained why he chose the name Empathy.

There were times when I couldn’t relate to the word ’empathy’, but I felt like there was a lot of energy in it. So, just as I had experienced a good and influential energy, I decided to go with the theme of ’empathy’ with the desire to pass it on to others.

But this is not all. The singer has also just released the video clip of Rose, official theme of his solo work. The video has only been on YouTube for a few hours and already has more than two million views.

We hope this is the beginning of a new success in her career and that she will soon bring us more solo albums, of course, without abandoning the boys of EXO. If you want to know why the internet is falling at the feet of DO with their new single, then check out this little translated fragment.

High up in the clear blue sky (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Like a cloud following the wind (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don’t stray too far
Stay where you are my baby
In my heart every day (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

You are like a spring day, pretty and I love it
I think about what I can do to get you closer to me
Even though I look shy (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
And cheesy, I can’t help it
I love you baby

You’re the only one I think of when I wake up (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I wonder if you know that (ah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don’t pretend you don’t know
You know everything
Oh maybe baby (ah yeah yeah yeah)

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