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Expensive brunette, the trend of now is the return to natural brown

Goodbye blond, welcome brown. This could summarize the trend that every autumn presents itself on time when it comes to hair color. If in summer, in fact, the temptation to lighten your hair infects all or almost all, in the first cold weather the most common process is exactly the opposite: the return to darker shades.

Autumn 2021 is not denied but is enriched by a new trend, launched by many celebrities and amplified, as often happens, by social media: theexpensive brunette.

Literally richer brown, this term it simply indicates the abandonment of light colors in favor of one’s natural color, reinforced with some extra help, as he explains Niky Epi, art director of the Brian & Barry Aldo Coppola salon.

“We are in the time of year when many blondes have second thoughts, or simply want to switch to darker colors, which almost always coincide with those of their base. Expensive brunette means just that, a back to the origins but seasoned with some novelties, useful to give the hair greater three-dimensionality ».

One of the first to launch the trend was Hailey Bieber, which is back to basics with a brown mushroom that shines thanks to utmost care and attention, hence the attribute expensive.

In Italy too Elisabetta Canalis has recently abandoned the lightening, returning to its natural medium brown, warmed up with a little caramel.

His is one of the most requested variants of the moment, together with the chocolate, noticeably darker but never flat. «The reflections in the latter case are tone on tone and the result is an almost iridescent hair».

How the expensive brunette is made

Those who last spring decided to turn towards blond and now would like to change but are afraid of causing disasters, can rest assured: decide to return to their natural color with this method it is not let it be excessive stress on the hairindeed very often it is just the opposite.

“To achieve theexpensive In fact, the classic oxidation colors are not used, but the colors are balanced by playing with them repigmentations hair “.

It is not about in conclusion to cover a light tint with a darker one, but to take advantage of the basic lightening precisely to create new plays of light and rich color gradations.

“Today hair trends change so quickly that my advice is always to avoid the use of too aggressive ingredients, otherwise the hair could be affected and damaged”.

Natural does not mean trivial

Expensive brunette is a praise to simplicity particularly effective in a period in which even on social networks the dominant trend is to abandon sequins and filters and marry a more authentic beauty.

However, anyone who thinks that going back to origins means removing personality from one’s hair is mistaken. In fact, brown is anything but a boring color.

«It was once perceived as such because the result was very homogeneous and often opaque while today it is not so and also who does not want to add nuances of other colors but faithfully keep your own can play on another land to move it: that of light. One of the most requested techniques of the autumn / winter 2021 season, in fact, is that of glossy, which consists in filling the natural hair with pigments that simply make it more shiny ».

Natural yes but with a a extra brightness booster.

In short, to each their own shade of brown. Here are some ideas for fall to be inspired by.


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