Expert gives tips on how to enjoy Black Friday safely

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Very popular and consolidated in the Brazilian scene, Black Friday, year after year, is a reason for people to try to take advantage of promotions and offers for shopping during the end of the year.

Despite the success, the risk of fraud and scams exists, and consumers need to be careful to avoid a headache at this time of year. O CNN spoke this Friday (26) with the expert in technology and innovation, Arthur Igreja, who gave tips on how to safely enjoy the date.

“Most scams use social engineering, linking, website creation or promotion that doesn’t exist. It looks like the consumer is learning. An important point is the conscientious public, which checks and understands how the scams work”, said the expert.

Church explained the difference between what are pseudo offers and scams, noting that the consumer has to be careful.

“We have the pseudo offers, even those jokes of half the double. The tip is to use price comparators. Price that goes up in the previous week and only the discount percentage is seen. Another thing is the scam, stores that don’t exist, profiles on social networks that you can’t see comments, difficulty in seeing history,” he said.

“[Usem] price comparators, websites that consult prices and promotions from various suppliers, and can consult the history of the last 30 days in stores, avoiding price increases to create pseudo discounts.”

The technology specialist also highlighted the importance of choosing the payment method well.

“Each payment method has different risks. Pix has been used as an additional discount, for receiving cash in cash. I recommend using a credit card, especially a virtual one, which allows you to create a different card from the physical one, which enables and disables. Even in the worst case scenario, the card will be blocked or with a lower limit. You have an additional layer of protection,” he explained.

“Be calm and suspicious, the most important thing is to be calm, potential gain is the product. Frustration and regret is the main loss.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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