Expert gives tips to avoid exposure of intimate life on social media

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Last Thursday (30), the actress Claudia Raia was among the most talked about topics on social media due to a comment made during the GNT’s “Saia Justa” program, regarding the singer’s intimate life. Marisa Monte .

During the program, Claudia revealed that Marisa Monte would have lost her virginity with Alexandre Frota with whom the actress was married during the 1980s. This Friday (1st), Claudia Raia used Instagram to apologize for what happened.

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“I was wrong to make an inappropriate and wrong comment on my part from an artist I admire so much. It was an unnecessary and mistaken speech, which is not justified by the intention of joking. Here is my sincere apology. Lesson learned, because that’s how we learn”, said Claudia.

Another involved in the story, Frota also used social networks to express himself. “I am very sorry that Claudia has not forgotten me. With all due respect, I think she’s making a mistake and going over the curve. Over time she is getting funny, even put in the gossip Marisa,” she wrote.

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Marisa Monte has not yet publicly commented on the comment.

Although the relationship between Frota and Marisa is not a secret – he revealed at the end of the past in an interview, that he met the singer many years ago in Rio de Janeiro, when he participated in a play by Miguel Falabella, the “Rocky Horror Show” – , the public criticized Claudia Raia’s comment.

“She was my girlfriend, nobody knew. We dated for a while. I don’t want her to be sad because I revealed this here. I think she is a great woman, a great actress, a nice person and who has a job of respect all over the world”, Frota said at the time about their relationship.

On social media, the subject immediately gained Twitter Trends Topics and users criticized the actress for the comment. Among the public’s comments, many question Claudia Raia’s indiscretion.

Avoiding exposure in the digital age

THE CNN the etiquette and behavior expert Claudia Matarazzo said that there should be an exposure limit, especially at this time, on social media, when stories end up gaining large proportions.

“Before social media, people were able to separate private life from public life more. Now it is getting more and more difficult to preserve something that sometimes we would like, such as our pains, certain loves”, says Claudia.

Influencers, TikTokers, bloggers, all make a point of exposing their relationships and personal life on the networks. And the public, connected at all times, does not miss any information.

For Claudia, when it comes to public figures, there is great interest, but exposure in the media can generate discomfort for anyone. “You can’t have an affair, a love like you used to, because everything is so exposed. Not even that can be done anymore”, continues the expert.

“The first question we need to ask is: what does this matter to other people?”, he asks.

The etiquette expert highlights that a good starting point is to think: “Would I have the courage to say this live to this person?”, she asks.

In social media, according to her, there is no filter, as everyone believes they are protected, when, in fact, “not only are they not protected, but they expose what is magnified to the nth degree”.

“Want tips on good conduct? On Instagram, for example, avoid exposure talking in direct, don’t talk about someone else’s intimacy in groups, avoid discussions both in personal and professional groups.”

However, Claudia believes that, despite living in an era of spectacle, “this excess exposure is unhealthy”.

“Thank God, our life is long. We live for several decades, we mature, change our opinion, partners, profession, so if you understand that you are liable to start over, you no longer expose everything. For what has been said we cannot go back. That’s what privacy is for, that’s why you have to preserve yourself.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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