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Explosion at an ammunition depot in Kazakhstan: At 12 dead

Twelve men of the armed forces and firefighters lost their lives in the explosions which occurred yesterday and the fire that followed in ammunition depot in the southern province of Zabil announced today its Ministry of Emergency Situations Kazakhstan.

“The death toll from the blast in the Zambil area has reached them twelve. “According to accurate information, the bodies of three men were found at the scene of the explosion, who lost their lives during the extinguishing of the fire”, the announcement states, as broadcast by APE BPE.

Earlier it was announced that they lost their lives nine men of the armed forces and firefighters.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they were totally injured 98 people.

The authorities evacuated hundreds of people from the surrounding area and closed the master road which connects the province with the largest city Almaty.

It is not clear what caused yesterday’s fire at the military base in the southern province of Zambil where explosives used in projects were stored, the Minister of Defense said in a press conference Nurlan Germekbayev.

Soldiers and firefighters were killed trying to extinguish the fire it caused ten explosions, he added, saying the stored explosives came from facilities in the city of Aris after a similar incident in 2019 there in which four people were killed.

In a separate development, Germekbayev stated in the local branch of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty that he had submitted the resignation of after the accident.

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