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Explosion of Ravanusa, other bodies found: “A purple blaze and then everything collapsed”

It was Luna, the dog of the Fire Brigade, who identified four lifeless bodies in the rubble in Ravanusa shortly after 6.30 this morning. Thus the ascertained deaths of the explosion that took place on Saturday 11 December in the center of the Agrigento area rise to seven. The four bodies were all together under the rubble of the collapsed four-story building. I am Selene Pascariello, the woman in the ninth month of pregnancy, her husband Giuseppe Carmina and his parents, Angelo Carmina and Enza Zagarrio. The couple had visited them before the birth.

Two people are still missing. They search indefinitely as they did all night with the light of electric generators and even digging with their bare hands when molecular dogs detect any signs of life. In addition to the four bodies identified on Monday, three other people lost their lives: Pietro Carmina, 68, retired professor of philosophy, Maria Crescenza Zagarrio, 69, and Calogera Gioacchina Minacori, 59.

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Two women were pulled alive on Saturday night: Rosa Carmina and Giuseppa Montana. Pink. Laprima is in the hospital in Licata. He shouted for hours to be heard by the fire brigade. “I had recently returned home, it was 8 pm and suddenly the light went out. In an instant the roof and the floor came down and I was trapped, “she said.” At my age I would have preferred to stay under the rubble instead of those poor kids. “

The blast was felt from miles away. More than a hundred people have been displaced from their homes in the neighborhood where there are many uninhabitable buildings. The inhabitants of the town speak of a war scene, some residents say that for days it smelled of gas, but the company that runs it has no reports. Firefighters speak of a “gas pocket” that a random trigger would have detonated. In the area of ​​the tragedy, a landslide movement is also evident. The Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into a disaster and culpable fire, for now against unknown persons. To understand even if there had been proper maintenance of the network.


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