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Explosions leave six injured in two Egyptian cities near the Red Sea

Projectiles hit two Egyptian cities on the Red Sea this Friday (27), injuring six people, according to sources. The attack is understood as an unfolding of regional contamination by the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Authorities in Israel speak of an “aerial threat” in the Red Sea region, in a possible reference to the Iran-backed Houthi movement in Yemen, which is known for using drones.

Egyptian Army spokesman Colonel Gharib Abdel-Hafez said an “unidentified drone” crashed into a building adjacent to a hospital, injuring six people in Taba, on the border with Israel, during the early hours of the morning.

Later, another projectile landed near an electricity plant in a desert area of ​​the town of Nuweiba, about 70 km from the border, two Egyptian security sources told Reuters, adding that they were still gathering more information.

There was no claim of liability.

Taba and Nuweiba, both on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, are popular with tourists.

Witnesses at both sites, who asked not to be identified, confirmed hearing explosions and seeing smoke rising, as well as Egyptian warplanes flying overhead.

Without specifying the location, Israel’s military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said that combat helicopters were called in when “an aerial threat was detected in the Red Sea region.”

“According to our understanding, the attack that occurred in Egypt originated from this threat,” he added in a televised statement.

“Israel will work with Egypt and the United States and strengthen regional defenses against threats from the Red Sea region.”

The US said last week that a Navy warship in the Red Sea intercepted projectiles launched by the Houthis, potentially toward Israel.

Bordering Gaza and Israel, Egypt is exposed to the conflict that erupted following Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7 and the subsequent bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Cairo has prominently advocated the flow of aid to Gaza, the release of Hamas hostages and a ceasefire.

Source: CNN Brasil

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