Explosive rise in prices: Over 70 million people “plunged” into poverty within three months

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The ejection of prices from March in food and energy, “sunk” at poverty 71 million people, especially those living in low-income countries. This, reveals the United Nations Development Program UNDP.

The widening of poverty “is noticeably faster than when the shock of his pandemic had occurred new coronavirus,” notes the press release released by UNDP, which partially attributes its increase inflation to war in Ukrainedespite Russia’s denials.

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According to this Program of UN“the targeted money transfer in households is fairer than the generalized energy subsidies». UNDP considers at the same time that the affected countries need support from the international system to find fiscal space, for “to make ends meet».

“As interest rates rise in response to the rapid rise in inflation, there is a danger that new poverty will be caused by the recession, which will worsen even more her crisisaccelerating and deepening poverty in the world”warns the Program in its report.

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As reported by the Athens News Agency, PNUD examines the situation in 159 countries. The states where the situation is characterized as more critical are those of Balkan, Caspian and sub-Saharan Africa, especially those of the Sahel.

“The runholy price increases unprecedented means that for many people around the world, the food they were able to buy yesterday are no longer affordable today”its head, Achim Steiner, punctuates in the PNUD press release.

“This cost-of-living crisis is putting a damper on millions of peoplethrows them into poverty and even into famine at breathtaking speed”. At the same time, the “threat of increasing social unrest is increasing day by day”.

Among the countries facing the most dramatic consequences of rising prices they are: Armenia, Uzbekistan, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Haiti, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Yemen.

Source: News Beast

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