Extension of the “hard” lockdown in three states of Austria

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Extension of the “hard lockdown” until April 18 decided on three of the nine Austrian L .nder in the east of Austria (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgelland).

The decisions, according to the APE-MPE, were taken in the consultations that the governors of the three states had with the Austrian federal government of the coalition of the People’s Party of Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz and the Greens.

This means that retail, physical care services, museums and zoos will be closed for another week, while in the other L .nder the restrictive measures so far will continue to apply and not those of the “hard lockdown”.

This regionalization strategy is a “model of success”

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz calls this “regionalization” strategy, that is, the imposition of measures according to the region.

The “hard lockdown” was originally scheduled for the three eastern states for the days of Catholic Easter (which this year was on April 4) and was to take effect from April 1 to 5.

However, Vienna Mayor and Local Governor Michael Ludwig announced last week the extension of the lockdown in his state until April 11.

With today’s decision, the “hard lockdown” is extended until April 18 and now concerns all three states – Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland – which are thus responding to the growing number of infections and the critical situation in their hospitals and the Intensive Care Units.

Even before today’s consultations between the top government, local governors and experts, the mayor and local governor of Vienna had stated that he would prefer a longer and more consistent lockdown.

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