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Extratropical cyclone coming from Argentina should cause more rain in RS

The formation of an extratropical cyclone is expected to cause more rain this week in Rio Grande do Sul. The cause of the instability is related to a cold front expected to cross the state between this Tuesday (7) and Wednesday (8).

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the southernmost areas of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the entire border region with Uruguay are expected to be hit by strong areas of instability with heavy rains and storms.

In the extreme south of Rio Grande do Sul, volumes of rain are expected to exceed 100 millimeters in 24 hours and could exceed 150 mm by the beginning of Wednesday (8), according to Inmet.

The region that covers the cities of Pelotas, Rio Grande, towards Campanha and the west of the state, up to the area of ​​Alegrete and São Borja, also has storms predicted, in addition to winds with gusts above 70 km/h and hail. .

This cold front must be caused by the displacement of a broad low atmospheric pressure system in Northern Argentina that heads towards the south of Uruguay, in addition to the formation of an extratropical cyclone that will quickly move towards the ocean.


The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) predicts that at the end of this Wednesday (8), in the South and West regions of RS, the weather will be cold and dry due to the entry of a high atmospheric pressure system. In other areas, instability ceases at the end of the day.

This Thursday (9), the weather will be cold and dry in most of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, but, at the end of the day, it may rain in the north of the state. Minimum temperatures should vary from 4°C to 8°C in the coldest areas of the Southwest, Plateau and Serra.

In the capital, Porto Alegre, minimum temperatures are around 12°C. Throughout Friday (10), the rains return due to areas of instability.

At the weekend, the formation of a cold front, reinforced by cold air of polar origin, causes rain. And the expectation is for wet and gradually colder weather.

The most intense rain is expected to occur in the north and east of the state. In the south and west, in turn, the weather becomes drier from Monday (13).

(*Under the supervision of Felipe Andrade)

Source: CNN Brasil

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