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Extreme heat has caused hundreds of deaths in Asia and Europe – Deadly heatwaves affect much of the Northern Hemisphere

Deadly heatwaves are hitting cities on four northern hemisphere continents, a sign that climate change may once again spark temperatures that exceed last summer’s, which was the hottest in 2,000 years, according to research published in Nature journal. Record temperatures in recent days are believed to have caused hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths in Asia and Europe. In Saudi Arabia, nearly two million Muslims went to pray at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, but hundreds died due to extreme temperatures that exceeded 51°C, according to reports from foreign authorities. Health and security sources in Egypt told Reuters on Thursday that at least 530 Egyptians had died on the hajj, an increase from the 307 reported on Wednesday, while 40 were still missing. Countries that get rain from the Mediterranean are being hit for another week by high temperatures, which may have contributed to the outbreak of fires in […]
Source: News Beast

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