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Extreme weather in Western Europe, melting from heatwave – See maps

Particularly warm air masses prevail in Western Europe, causing a strong heat wave. According to the latest prognostic data of the National Observatory of Athens / meteo.gr, the heat wave will persist on Monday 18/07 and Tuesday 19/07.

As can be seen in the maps below, the air masses at a height of about 1,500 meters above Western Europe are up to 16-17 degrees Celsius warmer than the average value of the season. Temperature deviations from the mean value of such a large magnitude constitute one extreme weather behavior.

It is noted that the final configuration of the temperature near the ground is affected by a number of factors, such as cloudiness, the occurrence of phenomena, winds, etc.

It is noted that the United Kingdom may experience the hottest day on record today, with forecasts calling for 41 degrees. The Met Office has issued a red heat alert for large parts of England, from York and Manchester to London and the southeast.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.7 degrees in Cambridge in 2019, the BBC reports. Today heat expected across Wales and parts of Scotland.

Source: News Beast

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