Eyebrows, the main trends from the 90s to today

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Always eyebrows have evolved and transformed. From the extra thin ones of the 20s to the very thick ones of the 80s, they characterized with theirs silhouette every decade. To look good eyebrows have often imitated fashion trends changing size and shape even several times a year, according to the season. And what is the trend today, in 2021?

The watchword is freedom: no form, whatever thin O bold, it’s out of style. The only diktat is to adapt the eyebrows to your face. If on the one hand they have been depopulated for a while on Instagram soap brows, disciplined, thickened, fixed and polished by soap (a technique stolen from the backstage of the fashion shows), on the other celebs like Bella Hadid are bringing back those subtle and graphic 90s to the fore.

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And just come on Nineties and by the one who launched the trend that marked the entire decade (the make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin who, wanting to revive the style of the silent film diva, Carol Lombard, began to prick his eyebrows at the beginning of the decade of models like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford) we set out to track the history of some of the most important brow trend of the last thirty years.

Eyebrows, as we said, have literally gone through ups and downs year after year. The 90s were the time of the tweezers that we all had in the cosmetic bag and do-it-yourself, until i brow groomer they entered the scene towards the end of the decade to get the bows back into shape with precision and professionalism. Then came the piercings, pencils, the first powders and ointments. In the 10s of the Third Millennium the eyebrows become on fleek, thanks to a viral video on Vine, social forerunner of TikTok, reaching the status of best accessory on the catwalks.

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It is clear that eyebrows have always been a web of communication and expression. Even more so in the pandemic that our eyes represent even more the windows of our soul and the eyebrows the frame of the face.

Then browse the gallery to review the strongest trends from the 90s and get yourself the newest tools of the trade of the season to have flawless eyebrows cool.

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