Home Opinion Èze opens in Jardins with a trendy atmosphere and Mediterranean cuisine

Èze opens in Jardins with a trendy atmosphere and Mediterranean cuisine

Èze opens in Jardins with a trendy atmosphere and Mediterranean cuisine

Èze is a fairytale village in the south of France, on the trendy Côte d’Azur. Located between Monaco and Nice, on the edge of the hillside and the sea, the piece of land was once disputed between the Italians and the French.

With this brief introduction it goes without saying that the gastronomy it’s a serious matter there and full of fresh fish and seafood, lots of olive oil and rosé and white wines and drinks to cool off the high summer temperatures.

And the idea of ​​the new Eze restaurant is to bring a little of that atmosphere to the neighborhood of gardens , in Sao Paulo. “Not only the diet, but the Mediterranean state of mind is very inspiring. Whether in Italy, Spain or France. For this reason, for the project, we collected references from this French region”, reveals Muniz.

The atmosphere is elegant, with a mirrored ceiling at the entrance, turquoise tones that recall the sea, a touch of straw that is the face of the French Riviera and, of course, a good drinks bar that has a prominent place in the lounge.

Working on a “soft opening“, precisely to assess what is well accepted by the public, adjust the kitchen and lounge, etc., the menu may change, but here the crowd is for the egg mollet breaded with panko, glazed vegetables and mushroom emulsion with carrot brioche and herb butter (R$45); O poison marine, the sashimi of the day with flying fish roe and aromas of orange and celery (R$55); the tuna crudo with hazelnut crunch and citrus aioli (R$55); and the beetroot carpaccio with tapenade, pistachio pesto and chestnuts (R$43) remain firmly on the menu of items to share.

Among the main dishes, a surprising dish that makes you want to stop eating is the fish ravioli with herb butter emulsion (R$ 70) – hard to find in Brazil, the Marcelo (ahead of MeVá and Nonna Rosa Osteria) I brought this recipe back from one of my trips around the Mediterranean region and saved it for when I opened a house with these airs, I was right to include it in the menu at Èze.

Also worth checking out is the pappardelle with ragout pork and octopus (R$88) or the pressed lamb shank in coffee sauce, naturally fermented bread crispy, cauliflower puree and vegetables (R$98).

With a vocation to quickly become a hotspot in the capital of São Paulo, although far from the sea breeze, Èze has delicious tables in the outdoor area that are very inviting for the hot days of the capital accompanied by friends and good drinks.

Eze: Alameda Tietê, 513 – Jardins – São Paulo – SP / Tel.: (11) 30812727 / Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 19:00 to 23:00; Friday and Saturday, from 12:00 to 00:00; and Sunday, from 12:00 to 17:00 (still in soft opening)

Source: CNN Brasil



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