Ezra Miller is officially out of DC due to the accusations against him

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After the scandals in which Ezra Miller has been involved, due to the alleged threat and inappropriate attitude that the actor had towards a teenager, an article was published on June 17 in dead linewhere it is claimed that the Warner Bros. studio has tried to get help for the actor, but the headlines are worrying and continue to accumulate.

Because of that, it is speculated that David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros., has the option to largely withdraw promotion of the film, which is set to be released in the summer of 2023, limiting it to some marketing campaign and no tour. advertising, relegate it to streaming of HBO Max, or lean towards making the movie a hit and then ditching Miller, just as he did with Johnny Depp in the movie franchise. fantastic animals.

Ezra Miller

Sources also said that even if no further accusations come out against the actor, it’s likely the studio won’t keep him in future DC movies. However, there is still an investment of 200 million dollars in line with the first film and that is precisely why Zaslav’s decision is expected, who should not take long to do so, since Warner executives fear millionaire losses with each new report. of press.


Although he has refused to comment on Miller and what will become of the actor’s future with the increasing incidents, the headlines are less and less flattering, since it must be remembered that more altercations have recently arisen where the Flash interpreter is involved in controversies not only by a threatening and intimidating attitude, but also violent. In addition, he is even accused of having facilitated access to illegal substances to a minor adolescent.


Source: Okchicas

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