F3 – ask anonymously 1.45.5

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F3 is an application in which you can ask absolutely any anonymous question.


Find out what your friends think about you or vice versa, anonymously express your opinion about them. All you need is to send a link to your profile to your friends or just post it on a social network and wait for someone to write to you.


Only you can see all the questions sent to you, you can also choose to ask an anonymous question or still reveal your identity. Get creative – create original and unique answers by attaching photos or videos to them. All questions asked to you disappear after 72 hours if you do not answer them. You can subscribe and follow the answers of your friends or chat with them in private chat.

F3 Key Features:

  • Ask personal anonymous questions to your friends.
  • Find out what others think of you.
  • Follow your friends for answers.
  • Make your answers original.
  • Communicate in a private chat.
  • Choose to make your question anonymous or public.
  • Attach photos, videos, or just text to your answers.
  • Daily questions.
  • Comment on your friends’ answers.
  • Say what you think about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Source: Trash Box

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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