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Fabiana Justus is hospitalized again after transplant: “Very common”

Fabiana Justus , 37, was hospitalized again. The influencer, who is undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia carried out a Bone marrow transplant in March of this year and since then, he had only returned to the hospital for weekly follow-ups.

Roberto Justus’ daughter shared the news through her social networks. “I thought I was going to go 100 days without being admitted to the hospital,” she explains. She then says: “My doctors said that it is very common after transplantation… that most patients have to be hospitalized to treat something at least once! Let’s go! It’ll be quick and I’ll be home again soon!”

Fabiana also shares that she did not share the news with her daughters, who are young. “God willing, they won’t even know! They’re staying at Grandma’s for the next two days,” she writes.

Lastly, the influencer posted a photo of her husband on a sofa next to her bed and regrets having to spend Valentine’s Day in the hospital.

On Monday night (10), Fabi answered some questions from fans through social media and shared that she had become more tired after taking medication. “I believe it is because of the maintenance medicine I took all last week. It’s a super low dose of chemo… but this time it left me feeling a little shaken,” she shared.

Fabiana Justus shows exam day with local chemotherapy

Source: CNN Brasil

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