Fabio: “I began to appreciate you and understand how important you were”


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Dear school,

You and I have always had a somewhat complicated relationship, I think the two of us have never understood each other. You always tried to put me in line, to take me away from the warm cradle of my childhood and make me a more socially acceptable person; I have always hated you for this and even if said so it seems a mere whim, I feel that I have lost something really important because of you. However inside me I have always known that in this world in most cases it is dreams that fall asleep first, and that therefore if I wanted to have a future I would have to follow the path you were preparing for me.

Paradoxically, I started to appreciate you and understand how important you were, in your walls I grew up and I met people who lived with me in this strange place, a space halfway between affection and oppression. In short, companions who became friends and some of their very important friends; think that between an hour of chemistry and one of art I also found a flash of love.

In the end these were just distractions from your usual routine, dal slow passage of lesson time. Perhaps it was by getting lost in those distractions that I was partially able to find that so precious thing that I had lost, but your calls, the ringing of the bell and the grades over the years were like a mechanical lullaby, which put my feelings to sleep and sat my animosity, our relationship became more and more gray like the skin of a dying old man.

In the year that has just ended, however, everything has changed, you have not been able to adapt to the new virtual environment, the mechanism continued to work in the same way but the environment was profoundly different and consequently the gears were spinning. The two of us are done, I was sinking more and more into an unbearable flat calm, but luckily something had survived: between the strings of binary code only that sweet side of you remained, my distractions. Today I continue to walk the road you have paved for me careless as a child, laughing and joking together with my dearest friends, I think they were the most important thing you ever gave me, thank you but that’s all …

Fabio 5E Linguistic High School S. Quasimodo Magenta (MI)

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