Fabio Rovazzi and the video of “My happiness”: “I amaze you with special effects”

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This time Fabio Rovazzi with the (colossal) video of the song My happiness, sung together with Eros Ramazzotti, catapult us into one spy story funny that it has to do with the science fiction, his great passion. Fabio’s mission is to recover Dru (the resemblance to Baby Yoda exists), a Kofugu, a determining creature for the harmony of the world. Precisely with a planet upset by the pandemic Rovazzi tells, in its own way, the return to normality.

“I liked talking about the period I was living”, reveals Rovazzi, who returns to be heard two years after the success of I do what I want. «This video clip contains everything I needed to say: happiness was stolen from us, and then we had to bring it back to the center of the earth, we had to put things right and return to normal. I found my happiness by returning to have fun and work as before ».

The video was shot between Los Angeles and Italy, there are special effects to scream, animatronic (Dru was created by puppet maker Nick Reisinger, a collaborator on the Disney series The Mandalorian), tributes to Star Wars, Top Gun, Mission Impossible and the videogame Call of Duty. And obviously there is no lack of comedy spirit, marked by the self-irony of Eros Ramazzotti (who had already participated in the video of I do what I want), of Gerry Scotti, Lillo e Luca Ward.

«I am super proud of the final result», Fabio comments, «despite all the video was simpler than others, even if visually it is impactful. Inside are goodies like an animatronic that comes straight from The Angels. In short, it was exactly the empty box I wanted to fill ».

Rovazzi raises the bar to try not to disappoint fans, although he admits that every time he works on a new song anxiety is king. Many, however, await the sequel to the most brilliant, in our opinion, I do what I want: «It’s difficult, but sooner then we will realize it», assures the singer and actor from 500 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, we enjoy the summer and the return to normality: “It will be a summer of work, relaxation and fun “, he tells us, thinking about George Lucas. Well yes, «it’s my dream to meet him, we have to talk about many things», he says smiling, «one day it will happen», he hopes, «our roads are getting closer and closer, I know he has a house in Umbria».

We cannot but ask him if he has met Raffaella Carrà along his path, given how many artists he has known in the past five years after the success of Let’s go lead. «Unfortunately I had the misfortune not to meet her, even if I once looked for it ».

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