Venezuelan President’s Facebook Banned over Covid Disinformation

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Facebook has banned Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro’s page in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid disinformation. Carolina Cabral Fernandez/Bloomberg

In January, the president’s page had advocated a herbal solution that could cure people suffering from Covid. The claim was made without any scientific evidence or backing. According to Facebook, this isn’t the first time the Venezuelan president has violated the company’s Covid disinformation policy. Maduro’s page will still be visible to the public, however, no new posts will be allowed to be posted from the page for now.

A spokesperson for the company stated that Facebook was following the information guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, according to which no cure for the virus has been developed yet.

Disinformation regarding the globally spread Coronavirus pandemic has been widely circulated since the beginning of the disease, resulting in widespread confusion among people. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have now developed policies to battle the spread of Covid disinformation.


Source Yahoo News

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