Facebook: Billionaire battlefield

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When the Frances Haugen decided to leak thousands of documents he acquired while he was an executive Facebook, was found to be going against a tech giant and Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest people in the world. But now it has a strong ally – the tech billionaire, Pierre Omidiar.

THE Omidiar is its founder eBay and has assets estimated at $ 21 billion. But how is he involved in the case? After the Haugen began to give her material to «The Wall Street Journal», turned for help to Whistleblower Aid, an organization based in Washington, the London and Dublin, which offers legal representation, security, accommodation and financial support to the “deep throats” of large companies that want to reveal scandals.

According to «The Times», his institution Omidiar donated $ 150,000 to the organization last year. Now, its legal representation Haugen is from Whistleblower Aid. The same source states that the charity of the French businessman, Bright, manages its public relations Haugen, but also its government contacts in Europe. So through Haugen the two billionaires are fighting around it Facebook and the position of the companies that offer the most popular social media platforms in the content presented on their websites.

THE Matthew Taybi κι ο Glenn Greenwald, journalists and former associates Omidiar, who is a leftist, spoke to the English newspaper and argued that his involvement in the case was due to a specific agenda: to better control the internet. Especially the issues that are contrary to his views. THE Greenwald, who also had a role in his case Edward Snowden, stressed that ο Omidiar: “Highly politicized and with strong ideological beliefs”. He added that it was dangerous to allow any internet control campaign to be funded “by a handful of billionaires”.

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