Facebook blunder: “Crashed” the website of the French city because it confused the algorithm


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The official page of the small French town of Bitche was temporarily “dropped” by Facebook as algorithm of the popular social networking site “read” incorrectly the name of the village as the well-known British curse bitch.

According to the mayor of the small town of 5,000 inhabitants, located in the county of Moselle in the northeast France, and specifically in Alsace, the page “fell” on March 19 because according to Facebook violated the regulations. The page was restored on Tuesday.

“On March 19, Facebook informed us that our page, City of Bitche, is no longer active because it violated the regulations that apply to Facebook pages “, says the mayor Benoit Kiefer in his statement.

“Our city has fallen victim to a misinterpretation of its name,” he said, criticizing Facebook’s inadequate tools for monitoring content on the social network.

For his part, the person in charge of Facebook in France contacted the mayor to inform him that the page has been “uploaded” again and apologized for the incident.

A Facebook spokesman told BBC that this disturbance was due to an error and was remedied as soon as it was realized.

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