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Facebook changes everything: 5 profiles for each user

A radical change of course – and rules – for Facebook. The platform is in fact testing the possibility of use multiple profiles with a single account. Contradicting in part – or at least heavily watering down – one of the cornerstones of his policies: that each account corresponds (possibly, although often not so) a real user.

The goal is to clear the cards in an attempt to re-trigger a growth in users. Going to create new margins of movement for Facebook. And allow users to “tailor your experience based on interests and relationships»That entertain on social media, as explained by spokesman Leonard Lam a Cnn Business. In reality the main account will always remain one: to this they can be connected five different profiles, in fact, five identities useful for frequenting different spaces on the platform such as groups. This means that users will be able to create profiles, and related feedsdesigned to interact with close friends than co-workers or pursue their hobbies and pastimes.

If it is true that Meta is in the midst of the transition to a new model of society, centered on the (for now presumed) potential of its metaverse and virtual reality, the fact remains that the accounts are not the best and it is necessary to keep the current business model in place in the most profitable way possible until the foreseeable future. In short, we certainly cannot abandon the good old Facebook, with its over two billion users, waiting for the virtual future. The constant work of integration with Instagramwhich certainly fares better, also goes in this sense.

Users will be able to set a different name for each profile. Obviously, it remains the prohibition to substitute for others, to steal the identity of known characters or not and therefore to make a correct use of that functionality. And the main profile will still have to show off the actual name and it will also be the one to which activities that will not be usable with aliases, such as Facebook Dating and the ability to open a page. If a user violates the rules with one of the five profiles, the platform will suspend the account and therefore all the alter egos will simultaneously become inaccessible. The test is underway in various countries, although it is not clear in which ones, and the official exposure of a spokesperson suggests that the novelty is more tested and close to launch than you think.

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