Facebook Messenger linked to Instagram direct: group chats and video sharing

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Last year, Facebook developers released a fairly large update for messaging between Facebook Messenger apps and Instagram private messages. The function turned out to be useful to many, and now the developers have gone further, having prepared the next important update – now the applications support joint group chats. This function allows you to create a separate “room” for communication between users from two social networks in one application by sending invitations to contacts from Facebook Messenger and Instagram. But the update is not limited to text messages alone.

The fact is that in the update, the developers also implemented the function of conducting group polls in the corporate style of Facebook Messenger. This feature is now available both in private messages and in group chats – you can, for example, post a poll with the time of a movie session, a choice of dishes for a party or a day for holding it. In addition, there are new themes for chats and private messages, typing indicators for group chat, and even new stylish stickers and AR effects. And now Instagram has a video sharing feature called Watch Together.

The new features will be available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram today, September 30th.

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