Facebook will create a metaverse: VR worlds in which you can feel physical contact

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The information publication CNBC, citing the Facebook press center today, October 18, reported that the company plans to create 10 thousand jobs in Europe over the next five years in order to actively develop the so-called metaverse, which is a virtual and augmented reality of the new generations. For the first time, representatives of the company spoke about the creation of this project within the framework of Facebook Reality Labs back in July this year, but then the promises and plans of the developers seemed to be fantasies about the distant future. Now, apparently, the situation will change dramatically.

The fact is that Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president in charge of VR and AR technologies, has promised truly disruptive virtual travel in the near future. For example, he stated that one of the most important features of the metaverse will be the ability to feel physical contact, including with another person, although two users will be separated by an impressive distance. According to the vice president of Facebook, now VR technologies allow you to teleport a person to other worlds to communicate and interact with other people from all over the planet, but the company plans to reach a completely new level of technology.

If the promises of the developers are fulfilled, users will be able to dive deeper into virtual worlds, just like in films about science fiction and the future. Moreover, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier that very soon the company will no longer be considered a social network – soon it will be a meta-universe company, whose products will work on consoles, smartphones, smart glasses, and VR. headsets. It will take Facebook about five years to do this, so it won’t be too long to wait for the future.

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