Fachin is concerned about the number of deaths in a police operation in Rio

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Rapporteur of the Allegation of Noncompliance with Fundamental Precept (ADPF) 635, Minister Luiz Edson Fachin, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), spoke this Wednesday (25) with the prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro, Luciano Mattos, and will meet other attorneys to deal with the matter for the rest of the day.

The minister expressed concern about the police operation carried out in Vila da Penha, Complexo da Penha, in Rio de Janeiro. The balance of 25 deaths represents the second largest number of police actions carried out in the entire history of the state, according to data from the Study Group on New Illegalisms, at the Fluminense Federal University (GENI/UFF).

Fachin expressed concern about the high number of deaths, but said he was confident that the terms of ADPF 635, which restricts the conduct of police operations in communities in Rio de Janeiro during the Covid-19 pandemic, will be complied with, with the investigation. of all the circumstances of the operation.

Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MP-RJ) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) reported that they have already opened an investigative procedure for the case.

legislative developments

The leadership of the PSOL bench in the Chamber of Deputies requested, through a letter sent on Tuesday (24), an audience with Minister Fachin, also to discuss ADPF 635 and possible violations of the rule in Rio de Janeiro. The request was made at the request of federal deputy Talíria Petrone (PSOL-RJ).

The bench analyzes other fronts of action and will seek the opening of an External Commission to investigate irregularities that may have occurred in the action, in which the Military Police had the participation of two federal agencies: Federal Police and Federal Highway Police.

The opening of a commission of this type, however, depends on understanding with other benches and, if it generates cost for the Chamber of Deputies, it will require the consent of the plenary.

“It is essential to interrupt this cycle of horror, which the state is responsible for. There is now an ADPF to curb abuses in police operations, which is not being enforced. And, given the dramatic scenario that highlights summary executions, and the involvement of the PF and the PRF, we will also ask for an external commission, within the scope of the Chamber of Deputies, so that it can monitor the investigations”, says Talíria Petrone.

The Commission on Human Rights and Minorities of the Chamber of Deputies sent official letters with international protocols for reducing police lethality and dealing with cases of violence, to MP-RJ, MPF, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, STF and the government of Rio de Janeiro. The documents call for the rules to be applied in the investigation of deaths that occurred in the community that makes up the Penha Complex.

President of the collegiate, federal deputy Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP) explains the strategy. “Yesterday we made communications to several authorities, so that a rigorous investigation of the serious facts that happened can be carried out. It was a kill. This afternoon we will hold a meeting of the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities and we will evaluate other initiatives”, says the parliamentarian.

Source: CNN Brasil

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